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Auditory and Visual Memory Package
Well - developed auditory and memory cards are essential for optimum learning to take place. Young children often lack these skills and these cards are a tool to help these important skills to develop. They need to be printed, laminated and cut.
There are 12 cards that show various actions and also have the words printed. The cards can be used in these ways:
• Print 2 copies or more and play snap for visual discrimination and visual memory skills.
• Hold the cards up for children to see, they perform each action and read the words.
• Hold up 2/3 cards for children to see and then put them down. Children must say the words and do actions on cards. Gradually build up from 2 to 6/7.
• Make a few spare sets so children can play with a partner of group in a learning centre.
• They can also be used to teach or revise verbs. Children pick a card from a pack (no peeking) and do action. Children guess and then children put the verb into all 3 tenses.
• Children can write a simple sentence about each picture and underline their verb.