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he world desperately needs kindness and love and I find EQ to be the most important part of our curriculum.
This package is for you to choose the learning activities that suit your children, adapt to different age levels and enhance academic as well as emotional intelligence.
It includes art/craft ideas, creative writing, photos for discussion, comprehension, songs, poems, suggested literature and much more! It also includes a 30 day kindness journal.
Throughout the next 12 months, this package will have over 50 additions. There will be regular updates and activities to help grow EQ and promote kindness in your school/classroom/home.
This learning package can be adapted for many age groups and can also be used at all times during the year.
Essentially it is about love/caring/kindness and ways to grow, develop and express those qualities!
We are based in Western Australia and work with kids of all ages. Our fully researched EQ4KIDZ program has helped thousands of kids around the world to feel happier, more resilient and able to bring their gifts to the world. It has also helped children to perform at higher academic levels as they have increased their sense of I CAN!
It is a dig and delve package!