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Literacy Package around theme of MOTHER EARTH by Victoria Carlton
This 60 page learning package contains a delightful book about very caring fairies in a magical garden, discussion questions to guide teachers to deepen oral comprehension and some activity sheets to help children respond to the concepts presented in the book.
Some of the activity sheets revise grammatical concepts and others give creative opportunities for drawing, writing and deepening understanding of how to care for Planet Earth.
A special CARING FOR PLANET EARTH pledge is included for teachers and children to fill out and keep as a record of their commitment.
I have also included a copy of the book in gray scale so it can be photocopied for children.
Children can be encouraged to start a small garden and grow plants and vegetables and care for them. It is an excellent way to introduce children to really caring and understanding for Planet Earth while deepening grammar, reading and comprehension skills!

THE MAGIC GARDEN: Literacy Learning Package around MOTHER EARTH theme