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Victoria Carlton

Global Educator & Writer

Victoria is our founder and creator of the Victoria Carlton Programs. 

A passionate educator and writer, Victoria not only helps children through her education centre but also trains teachers in Australia, South East Asia and beyond.

Victoria is well known and respected by educators, parents and children throughout the world. She is known affectionately as the “Child Whisperer!”

Children LOVE Victoria’s approach to learning and really thrive with her methods.

Victoria believes ALL children are gifted and her programs have been helping Australian and overseas children for 30 years to grow their talents and improve academic strengths, confidence and joy in learning.

In Perth we offer individual tuition for Primary and High-School students.

We design programs with YOUR child in mind!

What are Victoria Carlton Education Programs?

The Victoria Carlton method is the CREAM of education methods and ensures ALL children are taught literacy and mathematics in an effective manner.

We put your child at the centre of our programs and we choose engaging and innovative methods to engage and enthuse our children.

We acknowledge parents as the child’s first educators and realise you know your child better than we can ever do! That is why we establish close communication with you, listen to you carefully and consider you as our primary partner to help your child thrive with academic skills.

Our aim is to always help your child to reach their full potential.

We have our own model: CREAM


Children are naturally creative in their learning style. If schools are to be relevant and effective, they must nurture and encourage creativity.



When learners reflect they deepen knowledge and discover how much they already know, what they need to find out and ask themselves questions that lead to more learning.

Materials and methods selected MUST be relevant in order to inspire children and engage them.


We need learners to ENGAGE in each and every learning experience. Without ENGAGEMENT there is no learning.



Children are ACTIVE learners. They will always learn best when allowed to be active within the learning process.


The more senses engaged: the more learning takes place!

Our tools?

  • Our careful assessments and observations to ensure we are achieving results.

  • State of the art materials such as quality children’s literature, learning games, digital support for practice of basic skills.

  • Quality, engaging lessons (individual and group) to enthuse children and ensure they come to LOVE attendance and enjoy the education process.

About Victoria Carlton

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