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Seminars for Teachers & Parents
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A New Way of Working


With the arrival of COVID19, we were all told to "Stay Home, Stay Safe". Consequently, Victoria had to rethink how she would address her commitments to hold seminars that were booked for delivery in Australia and Singapore. Like so many others  Victoria adopted delivery of her seminars, and tuition, by use of the ZOOM platform. Victoria had resumed limited 'face-to face' delivery, where possible in Western Australia, but the arrival of the latest Omnicron variant has put us back to on-line only.

For the foreseeable future, therefore, Victoria will present nearly all workshops using ZOOM. So wherever you are in the world, you will be able to book into an existing seminar or arrange a private seminar for your school or institution. To arrange private online seminars please contact Victoria to start discussions on the details of what you require.

If there is something you would like Victoria to run just for your school, even if it is not listed here, please contact Victoria directly. And of course, if a particular seminar does not attract sufficient numbers to make it worthwhile then it may be re-scheduled or deleted.

The next four workshops being run by Victoria are for Jolly Phonics ( on 29th August 2022 and also on 14th November 2022)) and Jolly Grammar. Victoria has split Jolly Grammar into two seminars, the first covering Jolly Grammar Handbooks 1, 2 & 3 (on 5th September and also on 21st November 2022).


Seminars for covering Jolly Grammar 4, 5 and 6 wish will be run on request. All seminars are subject to being cancelled if there are insufficient bookings.

The flyers for these are below:




















Examples of some of Victoria's workshops that ran last year are below:

Contact us if you wish to attend by email at

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Jolly Grammar 1,2,3 full day 5th Sept 22_Page_1.jpeg
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Jolly Phonics 29 Aug 2022_Page_1.jpeg
Jolly Grammar 1,2,3 full day 21 Nov 22_Page_1.jpeg
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