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NEWSLETTER 1st June 2022


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Dear Parents,


As most of you know-Martin and I have just had Covid. I am out of isolation on Saturday. I am slightly nervous though about the about possibility of passing this infection to children. To be on the safe side I honestly think I should not see students till Tuesday 7th June. After that date I am able to do either ZOOM or FACE TO FACE -whatever suits you best.

Thank you for helping to keep us safe!


Please remember all students have a Raz-kids password. This has been paid already so you can access it at any stage.

This program has a great deal of research and utilises best teaching practices. Students have been placed at their current levels and have access to a huge range of fiction and non-fiction books. I can view their activity and comprehension results and even listen to them reading via recordings.

All students are automatically given a password on EPIC reading. (Most schools now use this as well) These free accounts can only be accessed from 7am-3pm but as a teacher I can use them any time during tuition. They are in my class (Ms. Carlton) and their class code is dvq8010

They have a paid subscription for parents and have a special price at the moment (30% off: US $6.67 per month) This entitles your child to read at any time, day or night and kids get access to popular books, audiobooks and videos. If you DO subscribe-please let me know and I will send your children specific reading recommendations.

Every student also has access to as well. This is an excellent education site and I renew the payment each year as all the activities- especially the learning games are EXCELLENT. If you are unsure of your child’s access code-please ask as they each have different ones.

Boom has also been useful for reinforcing basic facts. We also pay an annual subscription so all children have access. Each child has an individual code and I have purchased various revision games for them.

As well as all these sites I also have a kahoots subscription and students can go there to practise learning concepts. ( If they search for Victoria Carlton they will see all my quizzes waiting for them!

Some of you have enquired about GROUP programs. As most of you know, we used to run small learning groups and children enjoyed getting to know each other. Once the pandemic started, I felt compelled to drop the groups and revert to individual tuition. I truly doubt that will change in the next couple of years.


Thank you for your continued loyalty and encouragement.


Victoria Carlton

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